Meet Our Staff

Staff Generalists

Joseph (Joe) Hill– Joe spent most of his career as a teacher in various subjects including: history, economics, and social studies. He has been with Seacoast Pathways from the beginning (2014) and completed colleague training at the Genesis Clubhouse in Worcester MA in December 2017 along with Scott, Ann, and a member. Joe enjoys creating homemade videos, watching movies, and baseball.

Scott Garnett – Scott spent his post college career in biotech working for several different Massachusetts and New Hampshire companies. He worked as a lab technician in quality control labs along with team lead for several projects. In 2015 he made a career change to human services for a better work/life balance, increased job satisfaction, and a shorter commute. Scott has been working for Seacoast Pathways since November 2016 and completed colleague training in December 2017. Scott enjoys hiking, running, gardening, music and artwork.