Transitional Employment

                                                           TRANSITIONAL EMPLOYMENT

Seacoast Pathways follows the international Clubhouse Model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation serving those living with mental illness (and co-occurring disorders).

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Transitional Employment work opportunities for individuals living with mental illness who are involved in our Clubhouse!

What is Transitional Employment (TE) at Seacoast Pathways?

  • A part-time job in a local business for 6-9 months at competitive pay
  • An opportunity to gain work experience with the support of Seacoast Pathways’ Employment Work Unit
  • A chance to build your resume and/or gain confidence to attain more independent employment
  • Total work hours will not affect your benefit eligibility

How does TE work?

  • Seacoast Pathways manages the position in the business and trains and supports the clubhouse member-employee on the job
  • The member-employee starts to work independently when member-employee, staff and employer all agree they are ready. You still will have the regular support of the Seacoast Pathways’ Employment Work Unit!
  • The business pays the member-employee directly as a part-time employee
  • The member-employee comes to Seacoast Pathways before and after their work shift to remain connected to the Clubhouse and to check-in

Who can participate?

  • If you have a mental illness and are a Clubhouse member of Seacoast Pathways, then you can participate!
  • Your therapist or clinician completes a referral for Seacoast Pathways (available on our website) to become a member
  • Our daily program is designed to enhance your work skills and confidence ensuring that you are ready for paid work